Black and tan Coonhound from Red Castle


Our kennel was registered under FCI in 2020, but our experience with dogs started so much earlier. After many and some not much common dog breeds we decided for Black and Tan Coonhounds, who got our hearts due to their peacefulness and diverse chareacter. The breed was registered in the beginning of 20th century in USA as a hunting dog. They are fabulous companion dogs and buddies for many diverse activities.

Even with their big size they are suitable to live in a flat and they are very kind to children. It is a breed full of energy and elan. They can be stubborn, brave, tough, vigilant and independent. But they are also patien, tolerant, friendly, devoted and loving family dogs.

Even though we do our best to meet the best criteria for breeding, the most important thing for us is to have our dogs as family members and daily by our side.

We aim to breed healthy dogs with happy character, who will make their future owners happy. Our dogs are kept in the background of a family house with huge garden, which is disponible for them all the time. Our dogs grow up in company of our family members and other animals, which helps the whole process of socialisation.

We are members of Klub chovatelů honičů, z.s. (Hound club CZ) and during the year we take a part at multiple dog events.

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