Black and tan Coonhound from Red Castle


Dundee vom Wilden Holz

Born: 7.5.2019
Pedigree: HERE

ED: 0/0
Eyes: clear

Titles: BOB, BOS, CACIB, 2x CAC, resCAC
Club Winner KCHH 2021
many times Exc.1 & class winner, Regional Winner
FCI group VI - 5th place
Dundeee was imported from Germany from a kennel, where they train dogs for securities. He has calm character with huge personality. He has dark colour, he is well muscled with excellent movement and correct height, with well shaped head, correct ears and strong jaws.

Fanta Fanny Černé Eso

Born: 16.9.2018
Pedigree: HERE

Titles: Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB
Female Fanny comes from the same litter as Flower. She is very obedient, peaceful and calm. Her coat is very dark. She had bone of medium strength and her movement is very nice. She came to our family as two years old but she adapted very quickly and got her respected place in the pack very easily. We are so glad to have her!

Grace Černé eso

Born: 27. 8. 2019
Pedigree: HERE

Eyes: clear

Titles: Czech Champion
resCACIB at WDS 2021
National Winner 2021
2x Group winner FCI VI
many times Exc.1 and class winner

Grace is the most lively member of our pack, she loves to move. Manytimes we took a part at canicross race with her and last year also an obstacle Hard dog race. She is very playful, smart and many times appreciated during training. Her hunting instinct is very well developed and she is great for tracking animals. She is very often favoured at competitions. Grace is an elegant female with strong bone.

Honey Blossoming Meadow

Born: 28. 2. 2020
Pedigree: HERE

Club Winner KCHH 2021
BOS, 2x CAC, resCAC
Class Winner, Regional Winner
FCI group VI - 4th place
Exc.1, winner of junior class
Honey is our benjamin. She has a great character of multiple superb features. She loves contact, she is obedient, easily handled, very cuddly and she has great self confidence. Grace is a cooler with correct angulation and softly shaped head. A playful girl with outstanding physical condition.

Flower Černé eso

Born: 16. 9. 2018
Pedigree: HERE

The girl called Flower is our first Coonhound bough as a pet. We never wanted to breed with her. She has strong bone and construction. She is filled with love due to which we became addicted to the breed of Black and Tan Coonhound.

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